To develop and implement economically and technically sound connectivity packages and related services for local partners (entrepreneurs, businesses, or franchisees) who will share its risk and rewards. To develop and refine viable technological solutions for affordable rural network infra.
To develop and refine viable technological solutions for affordable rural network infrastructure. To implement a business model where risks and returns of running rural networks are shared with local entrepreneurs. To create a network of business partners (local entrepreneurs) running rural networks.

Lemongrass, a social enterprise based in India, is a leading innovator and implementer of technically and economically viable Internet connectivity solutions for rural areas.

It was incorporated in India in 2012 with the aim of creating sustainable broadband Internet networks and solutions for rural areas. Lemongrass Networks’ activities are carried out from our management office in varanasi, our operations office in mughalsarai ,jaunpur,bhadohi,gazipur and lucknow. Our networks serve thousands of organizational, enterprise, non-profit, community-based and individual clients..

We think of our networks as “Retail Ecologies”: all too often, rural areas are subject to partial provisioning of internet services, typified by the use of singular, non-scalable solutions (e.g. VSAT, dongles, mobile devices connectivity) or customer-specific, costly and exclusive WiFi connections (mostly banks and other enterprises capable of affording connectivity).

AirJaldi’s philosophy and business model, emanating from years of working on connectivity issues in rural India, is based on creating networks that are meant, BY DESIGN, to reach out to ALL potential clients at a reasonable price. Each relay is built to reach specific clients; each client is potentially a relay to other clients. Allowing our networks the ability to grow organically and quickly respond to demand increases the sustainability of our networks. It also contributes to our ultimate goal – reaching out to a large number of users in rural areas.